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The Pictowatch is a watch which is especially designed for people that have difficulty to tell time and need assistance to orient in their daily structure. It notifies the wearer when he/ she has an appointment or activity at a preset time, without any help of a care taker.
The notification is done by showing an image or a photo at the time the activity is about to start.
With the help of the webtool a parent, personal mentor or care taker can easily adjust  the agenda by adding a picture/ image that is linked to an appointment or activity. 
Every hour the watch and the online agenda are synchronised. 
The synchronisation makes use of the mobile phone network and is completely wireleless. It does not require any specific action from the user.  

The Pictowatch helps the wearer to become more independent in judging the time required for his/ her daily activities and in performing them. As a result of this the amount of assistance from the care taker will decrease significantly.

The Pictowatch is on the market since 2012 and is reimbursed by several health insurances.

Dog Back design solutions has developed the complete integral product design from concept up to production. 
After chosing the most suitable wireless technology and defining the product architecture Dog Back design solutions developed the hardware, software and mechanical design of the watch. This included system design, component selection, PCB design, RF design, User interface (UI), embedded software and tool design.
Dog Back design solutions also performed all system and product tests and assisted during the production ramp up.

Used technologies:

  • 3G/ GPRS
  • Touch screen
  • Arm 9 processor
  • Graphical User Interface (UI)
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Piezo actuator
  • IP52/ Waterproof

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