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Dog Back Design Solutions sponsors team 3T-Rox in the FIRST LEGO League

02 February 2013,  Dog Back design solutions sponsors team 3T-Rox from Almelo that participates in the FIRST LEGO League Benelux Finals 2012/2013. This year the Benelux final takes place in the Martiniplaza in Groningen. For one day the city of Groningen is taken over by robots from the Netherlands and Belgium. 45 teams of childeren between 9 and 15 years make their entry in Martiniplaza with their own robots which they all build out of a bunch of LEGO-stones. The challenge of this year’s edition of the FIRST LEGO league was “Senior Solutions”. The teams had to think about how they could find ways to improve the quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged and connected in their communities. The childeren thought about technical solutions for elderly people and build them by the use of LEGO-stones. Team 3T-Rox won the Benelux final and as a result of that they went to Saint Louis to join the World Festival. By sponsoring Dog Back Design Solutions made it possible to realize this trip for all childeren.  

For more information: http://www.3trox.nl/ and www.firstlegoleague.nl 

Dog Back Design Solutions participates in the "Quantified Self Institute"

05 June 2013,  Dog Back design solutions participates in the Quantified Self Institute meetings. Quantified Self (QS) is a movement of developers and users who are interested in gaining self-knowledge by means of self-measurements. An increasing number of people around the world record data about themselves and their surrounding by means of technology. Using different sources of hardware (pc/tablet/smartphone/wearable technologies/add ons) and software (applications), individuals collect information about themselves (‘self tracking’).

The Quantified Self Institute (QSI) is an initiative of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen with permission of Quantified Self Labs, LCC. The QSI is a network organisation that brings together companies and (research) institutions that want to learn more about QS and/or that want to conduct research into this subject.

For more information: http://quantifiedselfinstitute.org/



Dog Back Design Solutions becomes a member of the FHI (Federatie van technologiebranches)

14 June 2013,  Dog Back Design Solutions has expanded her network by becoming a member of the FHI (Federatie van technologiebranches) and more specifically the organization that represents “Industrial Electronics”. 

This Dutch trade organisation looks after the interest of companies that are involved in electronic products, systems or services and that are active on the Dutch market or in the Benelux. The trade organisation for industrial electronics respresents 225 companies in total. The mission is to create business for its members. To accomplish this it organizes various events that involve collective marketing, market research, specific market information and sharing of knowledge. These events include fairs and network meetings that can bring in new customers and the ability to be updated with all the latest technologie and trends.  

For more information: http://www.fhi.nl



Dog Back Design Solutions becomes a member of the HANNN

02 June 2013,  Dog Back Design has decided to become a member of HANNN (Healthy Ageing Network Noord-Nederland) The HANNN is a knowledge and development platform that focuses on healthy ageing. The society is getting older and this requires new and smart solutions to increase the quality of life and to reduce the social burden. The HANNN represents dozens of companies, knowledge institutes and governments from the North of the Netherlands that share the same goal: to accomplish innovative and fundamental break throughs that improve the conditions for lifelong health. This coorporation stimulates  the economical developments in the North of the Netherlands

For more information: www.hannn.eu



Dog Back Design Solutions participates at the ESEF 2012

25 januari 2012,  Dog Back design Solutions will participate from 13 to 16 march at the ESEF 2012. This is the first time Dog Back Design Solutions is present at this bi-annual fair.

“For a small and recently started company it is important to be present at such a major fair as ESEF. In this case we are especially present to meet new potential costumers” says Michaël Hoonakker, CEO of Dog Back Design Solutions. ESEF (European Subcontracting & Engineering Fair) is the major fair of its kind for the Benelux region.

Read more: Dog Back Design Solutions participates at the ESEF 2012

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