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Dog Back Design Solutions develops radiobeacon for Lightcurb

Dog Back Design Solutions develops the Lightcurb Beacon for Snakeware.

Snakeware in Sneek develops an innovative Beacon-to-Web platform for Android 4.3+ and iOS7+. This platform connects your Lightcurb Beacon with the web in a very simple way. Dog Back Design Solutions develops a radiobeacon for Lightcurb which is fully customizable. This Lightcurb Beacon can be extended with sensors and endless other features. This gives the user full control and easy configuration of its Lightcurb Beacon. The Lightcurb Beacon works with Android 4.3+ and iOS7+.



How does the Lightcurb Beacon work?

The Lightcurb Beacon simply transmits a Bluetooth 4.0 message to indicate its presence. This message is picked up by the Lightcurb app on your smart device and this device will give a notification to let the user know a Lightcurb Beacon is nearby. The unique Beacon ID is translated into a web-address and by clicking on the notification, the user will be redirected to the corresponding webpage. The content of this webpage is up the the owner of the Beacon. For instance, it could be a special offer from your favourite bar or information about the artwork your are looking at.

More information about the Lightcurb Beacon platform can be found here.


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