Wireless Wearable Walkable Dog Back Design Solutions

We are your partner in integrated product design.

Dog Back Design Solutions provides tailored and innovative design services that enables you to turn your ideas into products. From our background Dog Back Design Solutions has special knowledge and experience in the field of wireless communication, low power (battery driven), highly integrated and mass volume product engineering.

Innovating and creating Wireless products.

Projects and products are characterized by the best match of technology, price, quality and performance. With our expertise and experience in the field of wireless technologies and latest developments, with millions of products around the globe to prove it, you can fully focus on innovating and creating products of tomorrow.

The Dog Back Design Solutions team operates from fully resourced in-house facilities which include:

  • Modern and fully equipped electronic lab
  • Environmental & climate test chamber
  • Data communication test platform
  • Extensive standard test equipment
  • Specialized custom test tooling

The eDICE, a high scoring, competence demonstrator.

In 2014 Dog Back Design Solutions combined all her engineering disciplines to develop a highly integrated wireless dice. The eDICE is a showcase product to demonstrate the current possibilities of state of the art technology. Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and modern design equipment we made the eDICE small enough to comfortably play a game of Yahtzee on a tablet!

For more information, go to our project page or read the press release.

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